10 things i can’t do without.

I feel Good, tralalalalala💃…Hey Lovelies,even though everyone around me is in this Don’t disturb me kinda exam mood,I refuse to be in that kinda mood.Oh,Yeah!My second semester exams starts this week.It’s in God’s hands.😊

I’ll be telling you guys about 10 things I can’t do without in this post.we all no matter how insignificant or little it may be, have things we can’t do without.Here I have; 

1.My Bible.

  • Even though I don’t read it most times,And I’m praying to God to change that part of me,My bible is something I believe so much in.it’s forever beside my pillow.Even when traveling I feel safer with it in my luggage.

    2.My Mobile Phone.

    • This is literarily my lifesaver.My phone!!!!!Ahhg!!!!.I and my phone,we’re the definition of everywhere you go*that Mtn advert* I will follow.I’m addicted to music,I love listening to music and the source is my phone.so?

      3.My Laptop.

      • My laptop is as good as dead.*crying*.I need a new one *sobs*.Even though it’s useless to me(I couldn’t even bring it to school.yeah!it’s that useless)I can only watch movies on it and thats if there’s light,because five minutes after light goes,the laptop dies.😥.Yeah but this laptop is something I can’t do without.I like it like that.(until I get a new one).

      4.My Phone Charger

      • If I can’t do without my phone.You don’t expect my charger to be left out.

        5.My Wallet

        • I doubt if there’s anyone one that can do without their wallet.the cash,credit cards etc.Oh!no.

        6.My Earphones

        • The time i make use of it the most is when i’m walking alone,keeps my ear away from all ’em nonsense people you meet on the road(be calling someone like a dog*rollseye*..lol,yes o people like that still exist)And in the night,with Music on,it helps me land safely into my own planet.lol    


        • Who stays without Perfumes???Well I’m literally obsessed with ’em.


        • I used to be a proud owner of many till my friends collected ’em all😥.I’m left with like two now.I’ll restock very soon☺I like them in any shape and size as long as it fits me just in case you want to gift ’em to me.*wink*

        9.My Denim Jacket 

        • This is my go to when I don’t have anything to put on.As my roomate would say to me “As many as your clothes are,you always say you never have anything to wear”I guess we ladies are guilty of that.

        10.My Jotting Journal 

        • Where I put down points I think of or want to blog about and so on.  

          Just to add,Data connection is a necessity too.

          You could tell me about yours in the comment section.I’ll love to read yours too.Thanks.

          POST WORD:Success is a lousy teacher.It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.~BILL GATES.



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