Domestic Violence.

I read a lot of article this week and I can say 60% of it was about domestic it saddens my heart when I hear a man raised his hand to his woman.Still not understanding this logic(in bryson tiller’s voice)

But if you ask me,I’ll say this signs or tendencies of him beating you when you guys are married or together have been there since when you guys have been courting.A man cannot hit you the first and second time and you’ll tell me he won’t continue hitting you.Once he hits you the first time,there’s a 60% chance he’s going to do so the second time and once he does the second time,my sister the beating is forever.I wrote about my opinion when a guy loves you.if he doesn’t do at least two of what I wrote here,please look for your partner somewhere else.

I don’t know whether I’m angry writing this post or I’m just it saddens me when I see victims of domestic violence.Most times I read about how women say they’re staying in violence because of their children or because of love???What dirty love?Or if you die who’ll take care of the children.Yes,I know sometimes women are at fault but no matter what she does,no MAN has the right to hit any woman.Once you do you’ve brought yourself too low to be called a MAN,you’re now a beast,a coward.

  • Please once he hits you the first,second time,don’t wait for the third time you may not survive it.
  • Once you start becoming scared of sister there’s a problem o
  • Once he doesn’t have respect for you.hmmnn there’s no guarantee that he won’t abuse you. 


POST WORD:Don’t be afraid of your fears,they are not there to scare you.They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.~C JOYBELL C.




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