The Basis of Love.

Hello from the other side.

Anybody who knows me will know how much i like and admire the Preety lady above,like she’s one of the people who inspired my natural hair journey. (I’ll talk about that in another post).Yeah,i like her that much.Yeah!the post title may sound funny but ion care still..I’ve been in that Bandesua kinda mood since their engagement announcement.Their kind of friends are the type i call friendship goals,they knew about it and didn’t run to twitter or IG to spill like some of us(lol).So to todays post,i guess every of my Nigerian blog readers heard about Banky W and Adesua’s Engagement which broke the internet on Wednesday!oh My!I’ve been in that “love love” kind of mood since.Like yunno they’re too compatible that’s if you’ve watched the wedding party….Then yunno what I’m talking about…

Love is a beautiful thing that’s if it’s with the right person.when it’s real every other person around you feels it even if you’re not in anyway acquainted with them.

Here is 5 ways i think you know someone Loves you:

PS:This is what if feel should happen when someone loves you….it may not be the same with another person because we see things from totally different point of views..

  1. He makes time for you.(Yeah!he may be a busy person but he should at least be able to talk to you at least once a day.)
  2. He apologizes even when you’re wrong(this may not happen most times,but I feel when he is in love with you,he won’t want to go on not talking to you or keeping grudges)
  3. He would never cheat on you.
  4. He would NEVER raise his hands on you…I repeat NEVER.
  5. He respects you whether you two are alone or with friends. 

    Yeah that’s from my view….Please feel free to add yours in the comment section…I’ll love to hear from you.

    POST WORD:In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.~COCO CHANEL




    3 Comments Add yours

    1. Funke olotu says:

      Great post, I think love is just everywhere cause I also wrote on signs when a man loves you.
      Their love is magical and I’m so inspired by how they kept their relationship private for a long time.
      Hope they last long together


    2. Such an awesome post….am loving too πŸ˜πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

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