What’s Your Strength?

How have y’all been?I hope your day wasn’t as boring as mine?I had a lot of things to do today so right now I’m just here like a log of wood extremely tired!

Today’s Post title was just something that dropped on my mind this afternoon and I decided to blog about it.There are sometimes when life decides to hit us in the face and we’ll just feel like giving up at that moment.I know there are times when circumstances make us not realise who we really are,and what we really want,so anything that comes whether its going to do us good or hurt us,we accept it.

But for how long would we keep accepting just anything?I discovered that when you accept just anything without realising what you really want,there’s every tendency you won’t really go how far you’re expected to,because you’re not sure what you want or rather you don’t know what you want,and that is a barrier to moving forward.

But have you heard?Oh No you haven’t!Ok,Let me tell you.In every being,there lies a strength.There lies something that keeps you pushing through difficult times.Have you found yours?If Yes,You just won a lottery.lol.But hey,that’s just what you need,that’s your starting point,that’s what would keep you pushing.Most times in life all we need is that strength + Positive vibes.If No,just take a moment,sit,and think of that something that even when you’re about to give up it gives you hope.And that’s your strength.
Do have a nice weekend ahead.


No Negative Vibes.Β 

POST WORD:If you can’t make it good,at least make it look good.~BILL GATES.



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