The Versatile Blogger Award!


Guess what?Two amazing Bloggers nominated me!Oh My!I’m extremely happy.It feels like I won my first Grammy’s.lool.This post should have been up a long time ago but I haven’t been here for a while due to some issues.But all the same here I am.And the blog ain’t even up to a month yet and i got nominated,I’m just too happy.Thanks so much SummerBlog and Risfit.I’m Grateful.

Check out their blog too.

To Nurture this chain of friendship,play by these rules:

    ~Write a word of thanks to the blogger who nominated you and don’t forget to link their blogs.

    ~Share 7 Fun facts about yourself with the blogging community.

    ~Choose at least 15 bloggers who deserve your little words of encouragement and nominate them for the versatile Blogger Award.

    ~Send words to the talented bloggers whom you nominated,link their blogs and inspire them to grow in their creativity.


1.I’m Shy the first time I meet you…but once I get comfortable with you it’s a different story

2.I’m a terrible fashion junkie more than you can imagine.I love Style,Fashion so much.Maybe that explains why Most of the blogs I’m following are Fashion blogs.

3.I love Children so much.

4.Acting has always been my dream..And I’m going to pursue it.If you have any opportunity for me…Please contact me I’m begging

5.I love dreaming a lot.Oh!i’ve got dreams o.When I say dreaming,I don’t necessarily mean sleeping kinda dream,you dig? But dreams,like day dreaming. I could just be sitting and looking but mahn I’m gone.I’m already in my own little dream land.

6.I believe in Love.But the way its is misinterpreted and taken for Granted is quite alarming

7.I so much believe in Myself.

I nominate this bloggers for the versatile blogger award.☺

  1. Thestreethaute
  2. watersidegirlblog
  3. Dianscooks
  4. lolaoye
  5. Joyce Daniels
  6. Ive Got Cakes
  7. Ifeoma
  8. Wanshygirl
  9. Style by Alexandriah
  10. Styled Colorfully
  11. MyStyleMirror
  12. life Style of Oreoluwa
  13. Gabbrand
  14. Next Door Chic




      7 Comments Add yours

      1. Abhijit says:



        1. Abhijit says:

          You are welcome, please do make some time to visit my blog.


      2. WanShyGirl says:

        Thanks for nominating me Tolu. I’ll put up a post as soon as I can.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. suezway says:

        Congratulations! !

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oréoluwa says:

        Hi, girl! Thank you so much for nominating me. I appreciate xxx
        Oréoluwa’s blog


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