Accepting Who You Are.

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Happy new month loves!!!!! March is finally here.We’re getting closer to the end of the year.I just hope March is better than February.

Today’s post is Accepting Who You Are,Staying true to yourself.Most times I hear people question themselves, why do I walk like this,Why am I black,Why am I white.The truth is nobody is Perfect or was born Perfect.People you see and think,wow why can’t my hair be like hers, they too aren’t perfect but they’ve learned to accept their flaws and make the best and most use of it.Most times,without even realising,when you complain about yourself,you make yourself a bully object because when a misunderstanding set in and the opponent knows you’re not comfortable with something about yourself,thats like a striking key to get to you.

I as a person,I wasn’t too comfortable with my skin colour.Not like I didn’t like it, but I felt I was too dark.But I just decided to embrace it more because I kept receiving compliments about it,So it’s like I was the only one not appreciating itAnd I said to myself,hey you girl,you see this colour of yours!it pops!.And with time,it was like the best thing that ever happened to me because that like the best thing I love about myself.And I realised that as I appreciated it more,others did too☺

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So in as much as there’s something we all do not like about ourselves,is it the strech mark?Girl that’s honey dripping from your body or the extremely big nose?That nose is bad and boujee!☺or the fat body?That’s the sauce yunno.Why don’t you embrace it that one thing and as from today make it the most adored thing about you,and see how with time you’ll learn to appreciate it more.

POST WORD:Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage,you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. ~MAYA ANGELOU.




14 thoughts on “Accepting Who You Are.

  1. This post is sooo inspiring! thank you very much. I actually thought about other people’s insecurities recently and came to the point that nobody’s perferc, everyone, even supermodels, most famous actors and actresses have their problems, have things thy’re not happy about, things they would like to change in own appearances. So, we just have to accept what we have, love it and live))

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  2. I appreciate your humility and all inclusive love of people. The fact that we are so different makes our community [black- whether African or African-American] so intriguing and something to want to admire from a distance and inspect with a microscope at the same time. I love the skin I am in and appreciate the flaws God gave me and even though man has inflicted upon me as a black woman still finding herself.

    Thanks for being an encouraging blogger!

    XOXO- Your Personal Blogger


  3. Your post is thought provoking. It is sometimes difficult to be confident but I like your idea that we should embrace our insecurities and make it the most important thing. Inspirational writing, thoughts and ideas. (I found you on Comm Pool which I’ve recently discovered. Check out my blog, if you like.) Thanks A


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